OKAI Set to Unveil Never Before Seen E-Bike and Cutting Edge Battery Technology at IFA 2020

    September 03, 2020

    Berlin, Germany - OKAI GmbH, a leading manufacturer in light electric vehicle technology, is set to make their world debut of the new EB100, a state of the art electric bike built for the sharing market complete with a compatible charging cabinet. In addition OKAI will be unveiling their first ever electric scooter for the consumer market. The reveal is set to take place at this year's IFA trade show from September 3rd - September 5th in Berlin, Germany. 



    OKAI’s EB100 signals the long overdue introduction of an e-bike set to revolutionize the sharing market. With its electric motor, swappable battery, helmet storage, integrated IoT and aircraft grade materials, the OKAI EB100 is the most advanced and durable riding experience designed for sharing operations. 

    Charging Cabinet

    The new OKAI charging cabinet is nothing less than impressive. One of the most arduous problems within sharing operations is finding a cost effective method to battery charging. Currently, over a third of sales are eaten up by these charging costs. For the first time, OKAI has developed an integrated Battery Swap Charger with which batteries can be easily exchanged and charged across a range of OKAI vehicles. 

    Functions of the cabinet don’t stop at charging. In fact, this industry leading technology comes with a range of functions beneficial for the operator e.g. full stack battery diagnostics to increase safety of vehicles and provide essential information to operators.


    ES500 The Perfect City Companion 


    The ES500 is the perfect city companion for the modern urban dweller. It is OKAI’s debut consumer scooter and is equipped with an easy fold mechanism, long life tires & suspension, an ultra bright headlight, a precision tuned acceleration and stop on a dime brakes guaranteed to provide an easy and safe ride. With it’s 28km/h top speed and 30 km range the ES500 is the perfect match for a safe and enjoyable commute or ride through the city. 

    All OKAI vehicles are available for viewing on their newly launched website. A development that reflects OKAI’s dedication to the highest level of quality and production. Its vision is to be the global leader in micro mobility while also enabling partners to foster global change through more sustainable means of transportation.

    About Okai

    What began as one person's passion for mechanics and scooters, has since grown to become a globally recognized brand on a mission to change urban mobility as we know it. Okai empowers people everywhere to move across their cities, campuses, and communities in ways that are safe, simple, and fun. Okai is a multinational team with more than 17 years of micromobility experience. We address the "first & last mile” problem with high quality, high-performance electric vehicles that redefine the present and future of transportation. Okai is here to leave an impact instead of a big carbon footprint. 

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